Let’s design together products and services to always guarantee better user experiences

We offer seamless

UX solutions

User experience


We test prototypes and applications for usability to improve user interfaces and deliver substantiated diagnostics



We enquire and understand the end users’ behaviors, motivations and needs so they can be offered better experiences



We design the identity and visual expression along the visual language’s ecosystem so as to better connect with users

User experience

(UX) design

We design the interaction between people and technology, build applications and interfaces for all platforms, and optimize workflows



We offer courses focused on user experience along with methodologies, culture and tools

Diploma or courses and workshops of UX?

We have these and more options

Our courses are integrated into a Certificate in User Experience Design or can be taken separately

Would you like to participate with us as an evaluator of prototypes and applications?

Do you need users who are representative for evaluating your prototypes and applications?

About us

NEUX es nuestra manera de referirnos a nuevas y mejores experiencias de usuario.

Alfredo Sánchez

Yazmín Magallanes

Cofunding director

Director for research

PhD, Computer Science, Texas A&M University


HCI and UX researcher


Research experience at UDLAP, LANIA, MoBot (USA) and Shanghai University (China)


Teaching experience at UDLAP, U of Waikato (New Zealand), Shanghai University (China) and Universidad de la República (Uruguay)


PhD in Computer Science, UDLAP


Researcher in natural user interfaces and user experience


Experienced in UX design and evaluation


Teaching experience at UDLAP



Andrea Martínez

Sayné Maldonado

Design director

Strategies director

Visual information designer, UDLAP


Design and art courses at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York


Experienced in branding creation (including Metamórfika MKT, Vendaval Residential, Puebla’s Center for Innovation and Design, UDLAP Repository)


Experienced in web design


Winner, competition for creating the graphical identity of Puebla’s Center for Innovation and Design

Visual information designer, UDLAP


Experienced in branding and communication strategies (including Gover, Vendaval Residential, community management for Flipstay and Gossip Cosmetics, Repositorio UDLAP).


Experienced in web design


Participant, competition in technological innovation “Water forums”, UDLAP

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